Update on next release

Happy New Year!!!!

Just a quick update for our next release.

We are finalizing the last pieces of the new gesture system for the VR Hands implementation so we can submit the new release.

Here is a quick overview video on the gesture system:

Lots of improvements added.

Black Screen when loading scene error fix

We solved a null reference exception that arose in some circumstances when using the load scene manager or the teleport controller. If you are experiencing a black screen when the scene loads and see the following error in the console, you need to update your Load sceneManager.cs script (see attached). Just replace the script in VREasy/Scripts with this one.


VR Easy 1.61 on the asset store

We have submitted an update with the following additions and improvements:

-Added “use grab colour” option to grabbables
-Added “fire once” option to TriggeredActions
-Added pragma guards to prevent errors from being triggered
-Update SendMessageAction
-Added inverse forward to Simple Locomotion system
-Update TeleportControllerEditor
-Fixed player height correction issue when teleporting
-Added dead zone to locomotion system

Quick Fix Teleport for Oculus Quest

There were some issues when using teleporting. This issue only seem to happen when using the native Oculus support for the Quest headset.

  • Fixed player height correction issue when teleporting

To solve this we have added a property to introduce a player height correction in the Teleport Controller. Now by setting the Property Player Height Correction to say, 1.8 m, VR Easy will automatically place the headset at that height from the floor he is teleporting to. This value is configurable in the inspector.

Download the scripts here: Teleport

  1. Place and overwrite TeleportController.cs in: VREasy/Scripts/Movement/
  2. Place and overwrite TeleportControllerEditor.cs in: VREasy/Editor/

VR Easy v1.6 live on the Asset Store

After some time we were able to submit VR Easy v1.6 to the Asset Store.

It is already approved and by know you should have received an update email from Unity3d.

Thank you for being patient and also want to thank all of you with the feedback.

We will post soon a summary of the features/updates etc here


Get it here:!/content/77870


VR Easy 1.6 Update news

We have been working on new cool stuff and of course on the next update of #VREasy . We will share all the new features and improvements soon. Some minor things left. Here is something that we think is very cool. Prefab Creator, to create your camera for your target #VR platform with just clicks.

VR Easy Team

VR Easy 1.51 available

We have finalized VR Easy v1.51 and If you wish to use SteamVR 2, you must update to version 1.51. Please contact us for the update ( Because a lot of our users are still using SteamVR 1.2.x we can’t submit this to the asset store for now until we finalize 1.6.


1) VREasy 1.51 no longer supports Unity 5.6 and it only compatible with Unity 2017.x and above.

2) Not backwards compatible (see previous post).

Different Pivot Point with Grabbable modded script

A new video tutorial on using a different pivot point when using VR Grabbable script in VR Easy.

Some modifications was done by Multicams to our VR Grabbable script (he is creating more interesting videos so do check out his channel). Really useful feature and really appreciate your effort. This feature will be added to V1.6

Happy creating!!!

VR Easy v1.51

We are submitting 1.51 soon please read carefully before updating the package once ready:

1) VREasy 1.51 no longer supports Unity 5.6 and it only compatible with Unity 2017.x and above.

2) Users that wish to use SteamVR 2 and VREasy must update to the current version 1.51

3) Users that want to keep using SteamVR 1.x integration with VREasy must remain in VREasy version 1.5.

4) Because SteamVR 2.0 is a wrapper of OpenVR, and Unity VR native input ( controller uses also its own version of OpenVR, one cannot use both at the same time. Our GenericControllerTrigger is built on top of Unity VR native input control, hence it won’t work if the project uses SteamVR 2.0. If SteamVR 2.0 functionality is required, our users are recommended to use SteamControllerGrab triggers instead of GenericControllerTriggers (as they offer the same functionality).
We have plans to extend the use of SteamVR 2 in VREasy 1.6, but that will take some time, so we thought releasing this version was important to at least allow our suers to use VReasy with the new SteamVR plugin.
We have also recorder video tutorials of how to set up a controller trigger and Simple FPS locomotion with the new SteamVR 2.
Please contact us if you have any issues or questions so we can help you out.
Thank you

New in VR Easy 1.6

We have had a lot of great feedback on the v1.5 release. We have started to work on new and to improve features for v1.6.

Here is a list what we are working on with also some feature requests from our users.

  • Layer Selection system for all Line of Sight selections (Pointer Selector and Sight Selector)
  • Measuring Tool
  • Transitions for Panoramas
  • Virtual Hands
  • Flip through images/videos
  • Integration with VRee multiplayer VR framework
  • FPS Locomotion mapping for  both controllers
  • Emulation the controllers within the editor

Fixed bugs:

  • Clamping the angle of the controller when teleporting

Complete list be posted soon