What is VR Easy?

VR Easy is a VR productivity and workflow toolset for Unity3D that enables content providers to quickly and naturally build their VR and Non-VR applications through a simple interface, supporting all major HMD devices and compatible with industry SDKs through a drag and drop interface and no programming skills required.

Why VR Easy?

Building basic interactivity for non-programmers are usually time consuming because of the time you spend to find the right script or solution. When a certain script or solution doesn’t work, you have usually no clue of solving this. We believe that we have included the most used or requested “actions” and with a drag and drop system made it even easier to build VR Apps.

Who can benefit from VR Easy?

Through it’s drag and drop setup we believe anybody, who don’t have any programming experience, can benefit from VR Easy . Some specific examples: Architects or interior designers who want to build interactive walk-throughs and test it on a VR display with just couple of clicks, Engineers who want to setup a Virtual Prototyping system using eg. HTC Vive to demonstrate the various design steps , Product Designers who want to show and demonstrate the different design options.

What are the workflow benefits of VR Easy?

We believe that, through it’s drag and drop setup, it will save users huge amount of development time and the current “actions” are the most wanted features to get you started.

What game engines does VR Easy support?

Currently we support Unity3D but stay tuned for a Unreal Engine version.

Which version of Unity do you support?

Unity 5.4.x and up

What VR Platforms does VR Easy support?

We built VR Easy in such a way that it is platform independent and currently we support all Unity3D natively supported VR SDK’s.

Do you support HTC Vive controller?

Yes we do and please watch this tutorial to learn for setting this up.

Do you support Leap Motion?

Yes we do and follow the steps in the this documents from page 6 onwards

Which video player do you recommend for mobile support?

We provide currently only support for Desktop PC through our MoviePlayer script but if you want to publish to mobile we recommend using Easy Movie Texture. This asset is fully tested by us and therefore recommended.

If you see errors in VR Easy scripts relating to SteamSDK code, then

In Unity: Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player –> Under Scripting Define Symbols remove VREASY_STEAM_SDK

More Questions?

if you have more questions or looking for a specific topic or support please don’t hesitate to contact us at: vreasy@avrworks.com