April 10, 2017 admin

Features list in VR Easy v1.2

We are working hard on v1.2 and here is a list of some of the features that will be available.

  • 2nd cross-hair texture and animated cross-hair
  • Tooltip. It will give you info when you hover over an interactive object with multiple interactions
  • Snapping. Objects will snap to its original position once in a certain distance of your original position when using the controllers
  • Storing button info. All selected button info will be stored into a document. Users want to remember what their material/mesh/texture etc choice was afterwards, useful for customers
  • Animated path along a spline using arrows. Eg. for guiding users to follow certain path
  • Screenshot. You will be able to take high resolution screenshots
  • Cross Section and X-Ray shaders
  • Start to Finish video tutorials with demo scenes

And a separate module to build Instruction based menu system for VR Easy to create step by step training in VR

More info will follow together with screenshots of the progress

Happy building:)

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  1. Evan

    This will be huge – any ideas when the stereoscopic support will be available?

    • admin

      Thank you and it will available in v1.2. We are working on finishing the update in the first week of May.

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