June 4, 2018 admin

Manual v1.5 updated and uploaded

The manual is updated and uploaded. You can find the link on the right under the Bookmarks section.

Only the review of the new tutorials because after recording the new tutorials we have changed our input mapping system using images so some parts of the tutorials have to redone.

We will keep you posted.


Happy Building!!!


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  1. Brilliant, Desperate to get hold of the update as waiting to start a new project. Loving Version 1.4, a great time saver but 1.5 looks even better. Is it going to be long before available for upgrade as I need to get this project started, but don’t want to try and update halfway through.


  2. admin

    Hi Kev

    Thank you for the message. No just cleaning up the scene files, the folders etc.
    We will submit max by Friday and usually Unity approves nowadays within 2 days max.

    We are also recording a start to finish tutorial where we will handle everything in 1 tutorial.

    Thank you and would love to see how you are using VR Easy.

    • Hi, thanks for the reply. Going to be a bit late for this project as I need the demo finished for the 18th :-(. Still, I will carry on with 1.4. It’s just a simple VR tour of a ship using your VR360 tour function with information overlays for familiarization training. It needs to run on the Oculus Go so was looking forward to the new controller integration. Fairly new to working in UNITY as I have mainly produced these for PC using Panotour pro. But now the clients want it to run in a VR headset, so figured a crash course in Unity was required. As my scripting knowledge is virtually zero at the moment your app has been a Godsend.

      Thanks, keep up the good work

    • Eric

      Hi team!

      I’m so excited 🙂
      When do you think you can publish the new tutorials?


  3. Grant Dawson

    Bought 1.5 yesterday specifically because of Vive Focus support, but setting the Wave SDK and changing the triggers definitely does not work. Firstly, just using the Generic Rig on Focus has a huge left/right eye separation, almost cross eyed effect. I handled that by using the native Wave SDK camera script. But the controllers don’t show up at all, and there isn’t even a Wave controller prefab in the resources. Nothing about Focus is working and this was the only reason I needed to get this package. Can you guys verify if Focus actually works and give a direction on what we need to do to get a working rig? Thanks.

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