March 21, 2018 admin

More Updates on the next VR Easy Release

More updates on our next VR Easy release.

  • You can now load videos from url both added to the panorama feature and Video Player.

  • Added more features to VR Grabbable: Physics, map any local grabbable axis to any axis on the controller (rotation or position), Constraint Movements, Trigger actions with with Slide and Rotation Types and much more.

  • Move or Teleport to any position in the same scene or different scene

  • Added Google Daydream with Controller to our Generic Camera Rig
  • Added Samsung Gear VR and Controller to Generic Camera Rig

  • Anchored Tooltips

  • New video tutorials and more info to come.

The following are also planned:

  • Leap Motion Setup Demo Scene with video tutorial
  • Mixed Reality Headset Support
  • Trigger actions with the Display Buttons
  • Animated Crosshair point
  • Use Texture/Sprite for Teleport line
  • Snap to Closest

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Happy building!!!!

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