February 2, 2018 admin

New features and Improvements VR Easy 1.4

Please find below the complete list of the new features and improvements in VR Easy 1.4:

  • Use Default Unity GUI elements: In VR Easy V1.4 you can add now VR Easy actions to default Unity3d GUI elements.
  • Generic VR Camera Rig: A lot of improvements and new features added to our Generic Camera Rig
  • Side by Side Stereoscopic
  • Toggle Lightmaps
  • New features added to the slider
  • Added more features to VR Grabbable. You can Trigger and use our Actions (widgets) when grabbing objects
  • PlayMakerInteraction Action added: It allows VR Elements (our buttons) to interact with PlayerMaker events via an action. It allows users to link buttons with PlayMaker events.
  • Toggle Components
  • Teleport Action
  • Oculus Triggers
  • and more

And more detailed info can be found in the updated Manual.


Happy Building!!!

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