October 1, 2017 admin

New features for upcoming release

Here is a list of the improvements and new features in our next release that we will submit soon.

  • Use Default Unity GUI elements: In VR Easy V1.4 you can add now VR Easy actions to default Unity3d GUI elements.

  • Generic VR Camera Rig: It does not require the use of any other SDK to provide VR functionality across most VR headsets. Import our own Generic VR Controller prefab to bring your HMD and your controllers to life! No need to have multiple prefabs for multiple HMDs (Oculus, HTC Vive, Daydream, Cardboard and any one supported by Unity), this is the one to rule them all!

  • Side by Side stereo rendering supporting both images and videos

  • More control options added to the VR slider button e.g. animations, color properties, etc
  • Toggle LightMaps action

  • Added more features to VR Grabbable. You can Trigger and use our Actions (widgets) when grabbing objects

  • PlayMakerInteraction Action added: It allows VR Elements (our buttons) to interact with PlayerMaker events via an action. It allows users to link buttons with PlayMaker events.
  • Toggle Components
  • Gaming Features to create VR Games
  • VR Game source that we created with VR Easy (new info will follow soon)
  • New Sandbox scene with the core features

  • Improvements and bugfixes

We will be releasing more info and videos

Thank you

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  1. Eric

    Hi AVR team!
    I am so excited. Do you already have a date when you want to publish the update?

    • admin

      Hi Eric

      We have finalized 1.4 together with the manual but finishing up the new sandbox demo scene is taking more time then expected:). Hope to submit just before the holidays:)

      Thank you for your patience!!!

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