Manual v1.5 updated and uploaded

The manual is updated and uploaded. You can find the link on the right under the Bookmarks section.

Only the review of the new tutorials because after recording the new tutorials we have changed our input mapping system using images so some parts of the tutorials have to redone.

We will keep you posted.


Happy Building!!!


VR Easy v1.5 update

We would like to thank all of you who used our early versions of V1.5 because your feedback helped us improve even more.

We have added a lot of new features and improvements as mentioned in our earlier posts. We will post a complete list of all the new features after submitting to the Unity Asset Store store

Everything is done except updating the manual and then we are ready to submit.

Thank you for your patience


Happy building!!!


New Input Selection Systems

Here is a short video on our new Input Selection systems for all VR controllers in upcoming VR Easy v1.5

VR Controllers


Mixed reality Controllers



And Leap Motion with VR

More Updates on the next VR Easy Release

More updates on our next VR Easy release.

  • You can now load videos from url both added to the panorama feature and Video Player.

  • Added more features to VR Grabbable: Physics, map any local grabbable axis to any axis on the controller (rotation or position), Constraint Movements, Trigger actions with with Slide and Rotation Types and much more.

  • Move or Teleport to any position in the same scene or different scene

  • Added Google Daydream with Controller to our Generic Camera Rig
  • Added Samsung Gear VR and Controller to Generic Camera Rig

  • Anchored Tooltips

  • New video tutorials and more info to come.

The following are also planned:

  • Leap Motion Setup Demo Scene with video tutorial
  • Mixed Reality Headset Support
  • Trigger actions with the Display Buttons
  • Animated Crosshair point
  • Use Texture/Sprite for Teleport line
  • Snap to Closest

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Happy building!!!!

VR Easy 1.4.1 Feature List

Yes we have already started to work on 1.4.1 with some useful feedback from our users and here is a list of some of the features:

  • Skybox added to the panorama feature

  • Added Audio to the Switch type for the Display button: You will be able to play audio files with your display button icons besides switching materials, meshes, textures.
  • Physics on draggable objects
  • Target destination: You can select a target position in another scene when using load scene action

  • Landing Sprite for Teleportation: You can load a custom texture and control the size

  • Full Gear VR Controller support

And more info will follow

New features and Improvements VR Easy 1.4

Please find below the complete list of the new features and improvements in VR Easy 1.4:

  • Use Default Unity GUI elements: In VR Easy V1.4 you can add now VR Easy actions to default Unity3d GUI elements.
  • Generic VR Camera Rig: A lot of improvements and new features added to our Generic Camera Rig
  • Side by Side Stereoscopic
  • Toggle Lightmaps
  • New features added to the slider
  • Added more features to VR Grabbable. You can Trigger and use our Actions (widgets) when grabbing objects
  • PlayMakerInteraction Action added: It allows VR Elements (our buttons) to interact with PlayerMaker events via an action. It allows users to link buttons with PlayMaker events.
  • Toggle Components
  • Teleport Action
  • Oculus Triggers
  • and more

And more detailed info can be found in the updated Manual.


Happy Building!!!

VR Easy V1.4 Released

VR Easy v1.4 Released and live on the Unity Asset Store:!/content/77870

Soon also available on the website.

We are almost done with our VR Game and once ready we will email the link to the Unity package. Yes we will be sharing the Unity package to our current users!!!

We would also love to see what you are working on and how you are using VR Easy.

Happy Building!!!!

Manual updated to v1.4 and New Update

Happy New Year to everyone!!

We have updated our manual to v1.4 and testing the last couple of thins tomorrow and we will be ready to submit. Sorry for taking this long but we have added lots of new features and improvements. Just want to make sure all is working properly before sending it out. We have had some nice feedback from some of our users who were very kind to test v1.4 out for us.

We will be working on v1.41 soon and this update will contain mainly requests by our users together with some nice handy VR features. Here is a screenshot of the new demo scene where we tried to implement most of our core features.

We will be adding new video tutorials very soon too and if you have a request please let us know.

Update on VR Easy 1.4


Just wanted to share that we have have finalized 1.4 together with the manual but finishing up the new sandbox demo scene is taking more time then expected:).

Hope to submit just before the holidays:)