VR Easy Wishlist

After each of our release we would love to hear from you too what would help you to get more benefit from VR Easy.

Please list the things you wish here so we can have all them in 1 place.

Happy  Building!


VR Easy v1.2 released

VR Easy v1.2 released and Unity is handling the updates faster than before. It took just 2 days for approving the update, thank you Unity:).

Here is an overview of the features and for all of the features new video tutorials have been released too. Click the video tutorials bookmark on the right or here

– Store button selection, this is useful ArchViz VR Tours where you can see afterwards what your customer have selected eg. the final floor tiles or type of sofa.
-Cross Section and X-Ray shaders
-Snap object to origin, this is useful when you want to have your objects snap to their original position
-Animated Spline for guiding purposes, this again very useful for ArcViz VR where you can guide your users by have them following arrows that you can place on the floors, walls ceiling etc
-Screenshot, you are now able to take screenshots while in VR with your controllers or whatever your input device is
-2nd cross-hair texture/sprite, we added an extra option so you can have a second cross-hair texture
-Updated Oculus Touch controller support
-Tooltip, this is very useful to add information to your VR objects/buttons
-User manual updated to V1.2
-Added more video tutorials, over 35 video tutorials covering all of the functionalities

VR Easy for Unity is available here: Unity Asset Store

and here: Store

Note: We have noticed that there was a bug in the cross section shader where the shadow casting is wrong. We have fixed this and we will push the update into the next version and in the meantime please contact us so we can send you the shader.


Features list in VR Easy v1.2

We are working hard on v1.2 and here is a list of some of the features that will be available.

  • 2nd cross-hair texture and animated cross-hair
  • Tooltip. It will give you info when you hover over an interactive object with multiple interactions
  • Snapping. Objects will snap to its original position once in a certain distance of your original position when using the controllers
  • Storing button info. All selected button info will be stored into a document. Users want to remember what their material/mesh/texture etc choice was afterwards, useful for customers
  • Animated path along a spline using arrows. Eg. for guiding users to follow certain path
  • Screenshot. You will be able to take high resolution screenshots
  • Cross Section and X-Ray shaders
  • Start to Finish video tutorials with demo scenes

And a separate module to build Instruction based menu system for VR Easy to create step by step training in VR

More info will follow together with screenshots of the progress

Happy building:)

New tutorial for developers: write new actions for VR Easy

The following tutorials will be for developers who are interested to further extend the capabilities of VR Easy.

This tutorials explains how to write new actions for VREasy, dynamically load them and use them directly when activating VR buttons (2D and 3D).