July 8, 2019 admin

Quick Fix Teleport for Oculus Quest

There were some issues when using teleporting. This issue only seem to happen when using the native Oculus support for the Quest headset.

  • Fixed player height correction issue when teleporting

To solve this we have added a property to introduce a player height correction in the Teleport Controller. Now by setting the Property Player Height Correction to say, 1.8 m, VR Easy will automatically place the headset at that height from the floor he is teleporting to. This value is configurable in the inspector.

Download the scripts here: Teleport

  1. Place and overwrite TeleportController.cs in: VREasy/Scripts/Movement/
  2. Place and overwrite TeleportControllerEditor.cs in: VREasy/Editor/

Comments (3)

  1. Nightdeed

    I was just running into this issue with the quest, trying to figure it out this morning. Awesome job on getting the fix out there. Testing now. Thanks again!


  2. Nightdeed

    I am still testing with it but to be honest I hate the hands. I tried getting different ones but cannot find any that has the correct axis’ that you guys use. I am not a programmer and have been Unity for a week and a half. Anyway to get a script made that will assist with changing over axis’ on a hand model?

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