February 2, 2018 admin

VR Easy 1.4.1 Wishlist

Again please list here your ideas or features that you think that will help you and other VR Easy users.

Happy building!!!

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  1. carlos

    – Enable fade in and fade out effect that you use in the teleportation and change scene as a separate action so that it can be used in other cases apart from those two initially mentioned. For example when changing 360 Panoramic videos so that it looks like changing location without the jump between videos.

    – 3D Spatial Audio.

    – More control over the line in the Teleport Controller, like allowing you to have a dotted line instead of a solid line.

    – UI that pops up in your controllers to explain what each bottom is used for, like the ones that come with Daydreams SDK.

    – Tutorials for leap motion.

    – Support for Mixed Reality headsets.

    – Support for VR gestures for both the headset and the controllers.

  2. Please make system for changing the object in the interior, similar to how you change materials
    It would be a great tool for interior architectural visualizations.

    Also, material changing palette that can be seen on the controller with more than 4 options. (HTC Vive)

    • admin

      Thank you for the recommendations.
      You can already change object meshes with the same Display Button option. In stead of using materials or textures you can use Mesh.

      We have already a material selector in our pipeline that we are planning to implement.

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