June 20, 2017 admin

VR Easy 1.4 Wishlist

We have already started to list new features for VR Easy v1.4 and we would love to hear from you too what would help you to get more benefit from VR Easy.

Please list the things you wish here so we can have all them in 1 place.

Happy  Building!


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    • admin

      @enrique quiles We have added Stereoscopic side by side support for both images and videos. Testing phase and once ready we will publish together with some other features and improvements

  1. admin

    Good point:) and it was already in the list. We were planning it in 1.2 but each of the platform handles it different so needed more time then expected:).


    • admin

      It is already possible. You can use either our movieplayer script (that comes with VR Easy) or the default video player in Unity 5.6 and up.
      Depending on what platform you want to use, we highly recommend using Easy Movie Texture because of their quality and compression and most important mobile support. When using the default video player in Unity 5.6 and up you are limited to PC or Mac.

        • admin

          Hi Eric

          Glad it worked and we have also updated our movie player script to support the new video player in Unity 5.6 and up. This will be released with our next version but still Easy Movie texture is a much better choice:)

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