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VR Easy V1.3 Features and Improvements

VR Easy V1.3 is here and submitted with lots of new features and improvements. Here is a list and more details will follow together with new video tutorials.

  • Unity 2017 support
  • Generic VR Controller prefab

One of the biggest innovations of VR Easy version 1.3 is the inclusion of a Generic VR Controller prefab that offers similar functionality to the Camera Rig (SteamVR and Oculus) and GvrControllerPointer (Daydream) prefabs without the need for external SDKs.

  • Full Daydream and controller integration

If you are using the Google VR SDK for Unity and wish to incorporate VR Easy functionality to the Daydream controller, you definitely can! One of the most common integrations is wanting to use the daydream controller as a Pointer Selector to be able to interact with VR elements.

  • VRToggle

A VR Toggle is an element similar to a 2D and 3D buttons, but instead of having a single set of actions associated with it that are triggered every time the button is pressed, it has two sets of actions.

  • Toggle Lightmap Action

This new action allows you to toggle between lightmaps (both directional and light maps) in the current scene with ease

  • Activate Component Action

In addition to the Activate Object and Activate VR element actions, we have introduced a new action to activate specific components within a game object.


New improvements

  • Toggle VRElement state

From VR Easy version 1.3 all VR elements expose a state property that can be specified. Start state checkbox defines whether the VR element starts enabled or disabled.

  • Delayed action

All actions have now a delay property that inserts a time (in seconds) between the activation of the element and triggering the actions.

  • VRSimpleFPSLocomotion

The demo script VRSimpleFPSLocomotion has been updated to include an option to allow to change the way the horizontal axis controls the movement of the player.


Stay tuned for more info.


Happy building!!!

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